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Garden of Earthly Delights

17th May - 18th July 2004

Every day, from dawn to dusk, the work of 20 artists was shown in the beautiful and atmospheric Walled Garden in Brockwell Park, London. Entrance was free to the Garden of Earthly Delights.

The image of the enclosed garden appears throughout history. It is Eden, a symbol of innocence, Paradise, Avalon, the Golden Age, a joint creation of Man and Nature, an oasis for weary travelers, Arcadia, the site of the Fountain of Life and the Tree of Knowledge....



Loren Beven Lizzie Cannon Gayle Chong Kwan
Faye Claridge Sarah Cole Stephanie Douet
Françoise Dupré Steven Duncan Alan Franklin
Richard Henry Maslen & Mehra Wiz J Patterson
Marilyn Rogers Anne Rook Julian Rowe
Harald Smykla Lynne Williams Celia Willis & Lottie Leedham

The 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning Gallery ran a series of associated workshops in Garden of Earthly Delights with 100 pupils from St. Jude's and Jubilee Primary Schools. Click here to see more


Images of the view out from, and inside of, the Walled Garden in Brockwell Park