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Black Smoke Rising

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Every Saturday from 31st May to 26th July 2003, in Brixton Market, London, amongst the stalls selling apples, incense, giant land snails and international phone cards, stood a barrow presenting contemporary art to the passers by.  Each week a different site-specific art-work, presentation of work, or event by a different artist took place.

Unlike work presented in a traditional gallery or museum setting, with it’s self-selecting audience and narrow social and cultural mix, FlyPitch offered a platform for artists to present their work to the widest cross section of the public in a direct and as unmediated manner as possible. This was an opportunity to side step the commercial or institutional gallery system, and the majority of artists responded to the location by creating new work specifically for FlyPitch.

Shoppers who normally never set foot inside a gallery were exposed to the work of thirteen contemporary artists in a non-intimidating arena – on their home turf.  The artist and the curator were present throughout the whole day, pro-actively engaging visitors and passers-by, so the audience had a rare chance to talk to artists about their work face-to-face.

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